The Concept

Every enterprise probably knows those days when the workload of details hinders you from the actual daily business. Processes don’t evolve as quickly as necessary, employees lose their motivation and what the company loses most is time. Although everything seems to be already digitalized in our nowadays era, it’s not automatically sufficient. To keep you at the very pulse of time, we {code} it supports you with efficient and modern solutions.

we {code} it is the IT company based in Frankfurt am Main that analyzes your weak points and solves them through concrete, digital applications: be it a simple macro or a complex program, a mobile app or a website for your company.

The win-win for everyone: Our programmers are students who work with creative ideas and innovative approaches, while professionals are in charge of project and quality management. This combination assures a professional, but yet economic solution. We are the outsourcing solution that operates in Germany. This strategy proves to be successful – SMEs and big corporations trust us for a reason. To meet your demands, we unite skilled software engineers to-be with experienced experts. At the end of our projects our clients are pleased with new automated processes, which release them from time-consuming but not constructive workload. Employees will be freed to focus on the real company goals. The win-win has been realized: You get a solution that fits your needs and the challenge for your employee has been solved efficiently.

Our project manager

After a successful graduation in Communication Science and Political Science Sophia Wittwer decided to expand her career paths and started her study for information systems teacher degree and politics and economics teacher degree. Besides she worked for we {code} it as a coder and has successfully realized  challenging long-term projects for our clients. Professional in various fields Sophia Wittwer qualified herself as a projectmanager based on her experience at webdevelopment. Today she leads her client’s projects with careful qualitymanagement in the most effective manner to its‘ aims.

Our founder and CEO

The today’s IT expert Haikal Khair worked for Siemens and KPMG before he decided to support the economy with his vision. He founded the IT Startup with the idea to unite a community of students and professionals with expertise to one IT service provider. With this concept he helps other enterprises and entrepreneurs to work more efficiently. On one hand we {code} it supports the IT offspring, on the other you benefit from new user experiences as well as digitized and automized processes that simplify the daily business and strengthen you in your innovation and competitiveness. we {code} it proved that IT Outsourcing based in Germany can be low-cost and first-class quality at the same time. Within one year the software provider united a manifold coder community and is already a long-term digital partner to enterprises like House of Finance, KFW IPEX Bank and SVG. Our clients benefit from the innovative approaches of our students and the expertise of our project- and quality management. It’s time to digitize and get at the pulse of time.